University Offers Summary 2018

2018-09-12 10:49:37 admin 1

As the first transfer student soon to graduate from VAIE, Nick has received the letters of admission from such well-known U.S. universities as the University of Iowa, the University of Miami, Oxford, the Michigan State University, the State University of New York at Buffalo and the Arizona State University. He has also been offered scholarships from these universities totaling USD 161,000 (RMB 1,120,000). Furthermore, the letters of admission from other universities will soon arrive

Transferred to VAIE in August 2017, Nick had previously learned about the U.S. courses of other schools, gone on an overseas study tour, and suspended his schooling for TOFEL and SAT tests.

After Nick was transferred to VAIE, our Chinese and foreign teaching teams have studied his experience and academic performance, and accordingly worked out his own course arrangement. Under the encouragement and mentoring of our teachers, Nick has studied hard and gained the credits of ordinary U.S. senior high school students over a year and a half within a semester. Together with the credits he gained this semester, he has met the credit requirements for graduation from U.S. senior high schools. This is the reason why Nick has been offered the letters of admission and scholarships by the above-mentioned U.S. universities after receiving his credit sheet, transcript, resume, recommendation letter and cover letter written by our foreign president.  

Nick reveals that small-class teaching gives the teachers opportunities to learn about the needs and thoughts on the courses of each student. In biotomy, for example, he had the idea of conducting an experiment. After he told Mr. Ashbaugh his idea, Nick performed the experiment.

“It’s not a random case. It’s the same with every student of VAIE. As long as they have inquiry-based learning needs which are rational, the teachers will consider it seriously and strive to satisfy the students’ thirst for knowledge. I don’t feel the teachers simply come here to teach, but truly help you learn more.”

Nick is particularly grateful for the reading class of VAIE. Nick’s mother told a funny story of a relative complaining how her kids don’t like to read at all. Nick grabbed the phone and said, “Relax, auntie. I didn’t like to read either, but our teacher loves reading and she teaches us reading in class...She shares the fun of reading with us. Now I loves reading.” 

In response to the upcoming graduation and application for universities, the Teaching Department and University Guide Department have put in a lot of efforts for Nick. Scrupulous about every detail, they keep track of the time limit for each application project and urge Nick to complete them in time.

To help Nick and another student enhance their SAT score, Ms. Kathleen, director of education and former senior guidance counselor of SAT, coached them in her sparetime.

In respect of application for universities, university application consultant Ms. Lina gave Nick inspirations on writing ideas and strategies. Nick wrote the application letter which was repeatedly revised based on the comments of an American teacher and Ms. Lina. This process has helped Nick learn a lot and familiarize with university application, and even allowed him to offer advice to his classmates as a counselor.

In university selection, Ms. Lina has offered recommendations on proper universities in light of his academic performance and standardized scores, interests and hobbies and specialization preferences, and instructed him to complete online application.

VAIE is committed to unleashing the great potentials in each student no matter how many efforts and financial resources we need to put in, as we are convinced that great schools are born for the students and centered on the students.