About VAIE | An Aspirational International School

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Built by Inherit with Heart under Vanke

Based on quality public education resources from the U.S.,

Is an international school

Decorated with Chinese architectural style

And run by U.S. educational philosophy.

Covers a land area about 18 mu,

Offering a campus area per capita of 30 m2.

A maximum enrollment of 450 students

Decoration materials up to international standards

Eco-friendly plastic tracks

Accreditation by the Board of Education of the Great Salt Lake District, the State of Utah, the United States 

Shared quality educational resources of public senior high schools in the Utah School District

Students enrolled in China will immediately have a place in the U.S. school districts,

And receive the same diploma of the U.S. senior high school students upon graduation,

They can apply for the U.S. Universities in the same route,

generating a remarkably improved enrollment rate of prestigious universities.

The senior high school teachers from the U.S. working in VAIE serve as disciplinary faculty members

Hold a master’s or above degree

And have over two years of teaching experience in the U.S. high schools.

The U.S. local board of education will send teaching supervisors to VAIE for surveys on a regular basis,

Further securing the teaching quality of VAIE.


The course system CCSS,

The Common Core State Standards,

In accordance with the enrollment requirements of the U.S. universities

Consistent with the senior high school course offerings in the U.S.


A learning paradise for each student

Layered student training

Digital learning platform