Innovation of VAIE: Digital Teaching Platform

2018-09-12 11:03:09 admin 2

[Analysis] What’s the innovation of VAIE?

Innovation in Teaching Platform

Teaching plans must be adjusted because of the bad weather.

The increasingly more books of various subjects packed in the schoolbags have increased the burden on the shoulders.

Teachers are unable to promptly collect enough materials in class to answer the students’ increasing more questions.

To break away from these confinements, VAIE has made innovative use of teaching platform for teaching management.


Go beyond the Space and Time Limitations in Learning

Firstly, the space and time limitations in learning are eliminated. With a computer in hand, students can enter the account name and password to log into the learning interface and study any time.

The computer can not only provide easy access to learning, but also develop the students’ habit of self-management. Take a student’s daily learning interface for example. The contents to learn are displayed on the left. On the lower left are the student’s performance and course completion. Green indicates that the homework has been graded; blue reveals that the homework has been submitted but not graded; gray signifies that the homework has not been submitted. These entries shown in the student’s login system will remind the students what tasks completed and yet to be completed.

Bid Farewell to the Heavy Printed Materials

Every original foreign textbook is quite heavy. It will be a heavy burden on the shoulders of the students if all textbooks are packed into one schoolbag. Built in with almost all course contents, the digital teaching platform of VAIE has turned the student’s laptop into a mobile library.

Different from an ordinary textbook designed with limited contents, the digital teaching platform of VAIE offers numerous entries for the students to learn, greatly enriching their knowledge base.


Perfectly Combined Platform and Lecturing

On the one hand, the digital teaching platform can allow the teachers to instantly get to know the students’ mastery of knowledge via homework and in-class quiz; on the other hand, teachers can add related contents in the system as supplementary knowledge to meet the students’ learning needs on certain aspect.


Adapt to the Learning Mode of International Universities Early

In the United States, computers and platforms are the major learning media. The teaching platform of VAIE can give the students an opportunity to adapt to the learning mode of the U.S. universities early.