Pure American Education | A Specially Designed Learning Environment

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The VAIE is established to help students realize their dreams and succeed in overseas universities, and shine in the global arena with a distinct Eastern mark in the future. Guided by this philosophy, every detail from site selection and appearance design to the landscape and classroom environment is meticulously executed for the long-term benefits of the students.

[Site Selection] Culture, Inheritance and Memorization

VAIE is located in 46 Jiuxueqian Road, Gusu District. Jiuxueqian Road was the former site of Changzhou County Academy founded in the first year of Xianchun’s reign of the Southern Song Dynasty (1265), rebuilt by Guanghua Temple, repaired in the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. Therefore, this place is known as the old academy. In 1935, Suzhou Municipal Board of Education founded the Elementary Silk Vocational School which was later transformed into Suzhou No.23 Middle School. In 1999, the school was again renamed as Suzhou Tongcai Experimental School.

Regardless of this historical changes, this land has always continued its commitment to education. Now VAIE has selected this land as its campus to express its hope that the students can carry on the culture of this century-old academy, carry forward the millennium-old Chinese culture, and never forget their cultural roots despite of receiving pure American education and achieve their aspirations

Century-old towering trees

Students study in the campus with a rich atmosphere of learning.

Century-old Wisteria

Safeguard and Respect the Historical Memories

The American Education Philosophy Seen in Every Classroom Detail

As an industry master in international education, VAIE is well aware that students finishing their high school and getting enrolled into overseas universities in such a rich academic atmosphere is the first step towards success. The most severe tests are whether students can deliver academic performance consistent with their capabilities, have the courage and stigma to live alone in a foreign country, and become friends with classmates of different nationalities, races, skin colors and cultural backgrounds after their admission into the universities. 

To help the students adapt to their college life and gain skills for success like good learning habits and methods, thinking models, excellent interpersonal communication and teamwork skills, the American educational philosophy is executed in every classroom detail in addition to teaching staff and course offerings.


The desks in the classrooms of VAIE are perfectly configured to support the teaching modes of Flipped Classroom and Harkness Table. While the purpose of Flipped Classroom is to shift the learning decision from teachers to students, the Harkness Table changes the lecture-based teaching to teaching where the teachers answer the questions of students, have discussions and debates with the students. As arranged by the course teachers, the desks can be flexibly arranged to allow the students to study in a team, or explore the course contents with the teachers. Students of different learning abilities and learning different course contents can be teamed up by flexible desk combinations to receive specific guidance from teachers, and truly reflect the personalized and layered teaching philosophy of American education. 

In terms of functional classrooms, VAIE has established 2 physics laboratories, 1 biology laboratory, 2 chemistry laboratories and 1 general laboratory. In these well-equipped laboratories, our in-service U.S. senior high school teachers have led the students under the project based learning method, and set up such physical devices as trebuchets and launchers. Students have not only learned about and applied such knowledge as lever principle, counterforce and geometry, but also developed their hands-on ability.

Libraries for Active and Quiet Learning

Believing that reading can benefit the students for a lifetime, VAIE has designed two libraries for active and quiet learning respectivelya reading and study library, and an independent library. Located in different areas, the two variously configured libraries serve different purposes.

With a similar design of the U.S. college libraries, the reading and study library features a facade of the sea of books, generating a vibe of solemnity and quietness. Students can concentrate and study documents, write papers and unfold surveys, and subsequently gain the ability of independent learning.

The two-storey independent library offers books on the ground floor, and spaces for reading clubs, club activities and team researches on the second floor. It’s leisurely and comfortably designed and furnished with movable furniture. The chairs can be moved to have team discussions, so that the students can develop their interpersonal communication skills in interaction.

Public Spaces

Benches can be seen amid the luxuriantly green towering trees, in the winding wisteria or by the red playground. During a break, students can sit on a long bench to read a book or chat with their classmates in twos and threes.

Art Room

Sports Room

Lecture Hall

Both the dance room and stadium are equipped with selected professional sports flooring to maximally reduce the possible damage of physical education to the students’ ankles and keep them safe. The music room is furnished with theatre-grade acoustic panels to allow the students unleash their passion for music. the main tone of American walnut wood complementary with charcoal black and yellow, it’s steady and vibrant. The lighting design is based on lighting of professional stadiums, and the floor equipped with professional sports flooring. The modernistic facade anti-collision acoustic panels extend all the way to the ceiling, and windows are left to echo with the old walls.

Taking moving line, storey height, structural load, dimensions, lighting and fire control conditions into full consideration, the lecture hall is built to serve as both a lecture theatre and a small studio.