Enrollment Plan 2018-2019

2018-07-05 11:46:18 admin 0

Enrollment Plan: 75 students to be enrolled for the school year 2018-2019

(based on the small class model and no more than 20 students each class)


Year 8 & Year 9 students from all over China


1. Applicants must pass VAIE’s entrance examinations on English, Maths, Science and Foreigner Teacher’s Interview.

2. Applicants must be ready to learn and well-mannered.

3. Applicants must submit the academic transcript from the previous school.

Fee Notes:

RMB 180,000/Year (School Year 2018-2019)

miscellaneous Fees: tuition, course fee (an Apple computer), textbook fee, U.S. school district enrollment fee, university enrollment and activity guidance, TOEFL and SAT in-school training fee


Students in the top 10% at the comprehensive assessment of entrance examinations will be awarded with a scholarship ranging from RMB 30,000 to RMB 180,000.